Hockey Camps

More than 35 Years of Hockey Experience

Our Instructors are second to none

TBS Hockey is renowned for its highly professional, experienced, dedicated, and energetic instructors. These characteristics are directly reflected in the learning/training environment created on the ice.

Our camps are designed with the primary objective of promoting skill development through supportive, but challenging ice sessions that will increase a player’s confidence and their ability think and make decisions on the ice – hockey sense.

Specifically, our innovative training methods and techniques will enhance each participant’s ability to improve in the basic fundamentals vital to the game of hockey – skating, passing, puck handing, shooting, and checking (when appropriate).

 Teaching Experience

All instructors have a wealth of experience teaching and coaching both on the ice and in the classroom. As a result, each participant will be exposed to organized and stimulating ice sessions that are developmentally appropriate for the age categories involved. In addition, players will be exposed to drills and activities that allow players to engage in multiple repetitions when developing various skills. In other words, our ice sessions are organized to avoid long “line ups” when participating in drills, as players are constantly moving.

Overall, this increases confidence, improves skill, and keeps them actively involved throughout the ice session.

Our instructors realize the importance of progression. A consistent theme throughout our camps feature basic skills being introduced early in the week with more advanced skills and tactics presented in the later part of the camp. Overall, players will be able to develop and improve at their own pace throughout the week.

Our camp also features a low instructor to player ratio on the ice which ensures that all players will receive the necessary teaching points and feedback required for the overall learning, refining, and improvement of skills and tactics.