Skills Clinics

Skills & Drills Clinics


Young players learn best when expectations are explained, demonstrated, and practiced in a positive atmosphere, especially when there is a logical progression of teaching skills suited to their current skill level and needs.

As a result, each TBS SKILLS & DRILLS Clinic is purposefully structured in a way that provides each player with more individual instruction and a higher number of repetitions for practicing various skills and tactics.

This creates a fun and optimal learning environment for each player which ultimately leads to enhanced learning. Overall, our SKILLS & DRILLS sessions ensure that players are always actively engaged and moving and are subjected to constant feedback from instructors.

For all TBS SKILLS & DRILLS clinics, coaches will provide instruction in a “small group” environment that features dividing the ice into “stations”.

This arrangement promotes and enhances maximum learning and development of players. Each station will emphasize a particular skill and/or tactic and will provide opportunities for players to repeatedly work on targeted skills and tactics relevant to the SKILLS & DRILLS clinic being conducted. Players are grouped into 4 or 5 stations on the ice (depending on the clinic) with a minimum of four qualified coaches on the ice for each session.

Players are divided into groups with individuals of the same age and/or skill level to ensure that each group is being instructed and challenged appropriately. Organizing the players into age/skill specific groups provides a more comfortable learning environment – which allows individual players to train with more confidence and permits additional opportunities to practice and develop their skills at their own related pace.

All sessions begin with a skill warm – up that physically and mentally prepare the players for the clinic being offered. Each session will end with a fun/competitive small-area game that allows the players to apply the learned skills in a game-like environment.

WEEK 1 - AUGUST 4 to 7, 2020


DATES: Week 1 | August 4 to 7, 2020

CATEGORIES: Dynamite (2014)

Our Dynamite Ice Breaker Camo is a 4-day program aimed at getting your little athletes comfortable and confident on their skates. Drills and activities appropriate for the dynamite age group, we focus on basic fundamentals such as:

  • Skating and gliding
  • Balance, stopping, starting
  • Basic shooting and stickhandling

With a mix of skill development and games, this cam is ideal for adding some fun and excitement to your child’s early hockey experience!


DATES: Week 2 | August 10 to 14, 2020

This camp focuses on a mix of fundamentals hockey skills and skating techniques. Proper body positioning and balance. Learning how to efficiently use edges to build speed.

Fundamentals of handling and skating with the puck learning proper hand and stick position while stickhandling and shooting. Progressing to more challenging exercises as your player becomes more comfortable.

We aim to grow confidence in your young player with our experienced instructors in a fun, exciting environment.


DATE: Week 2 | August 10 to 14, 2020

Our Shooting & Scoring Camp offers students the opportunity to learn proper shooting techniques. We touch on the basic mechanics of shooting and progress to more challenging exercises. As your player becomes comfortable with stick handling and shooting we will show them how to generate power, find the corners and make the goaltender move to create scoring chances.

Our aim is to have all students learn proper hand position and body movement while handling and releasing the puck, ultimately giving the best chance to find the back of the net.


DATE: Week 2 | August 10 to 14, 2020

This camp focuses on a mix of skating and hockey skills.

Our aim is to challenge our players with the basic and advanced skating exercises. Learning to use edges efficiently to help improve speed and balance.

Along with a big emphasis on skating we will also be touching on a variety of hockey skills. Stick handling, proper hand and body position with the puck is crucial to effectively play the game. Our skills portion of this camp will challenge your player with fun, exciting station drills that will push their limits and ultimately creating new effective habits that will improve their game!


DATE: Week 2 | August 10 to 14, 2020

Our Premium Skills camp offers a challenging experience designed to take players our of their comfort zone to perform more advanced movements and drills.

Emphasis on:

  • Edgework, using edges efficiently
  • Stick handling and mobility with the puck
  • Effective shooting methods
  • Ice awareness and body positioning

We will show students how to read situation on the ice and boost creativity, generating more offence and scoring chances. Drills are designed with a mix of skill development and game like scenarios, our students will be challenged to learn new ways to think and react to different situations on the ice.


DATE: Week 2 | August 10 to 14, 2020

Designed to help develop defencemen, this camp offers students the chance to learn basic and specific skills required (or needed) while playing the position. A big emphasis on skating, edgework, transition and mobility your students are challenged to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Our game like structured drills focus on:

  • Body positioning and positional play
  • Ice awareness
  • Shooting in stride and through traffic
  • Side to side agility ad transitional play

With the help of our qualified instructors, our goal is to strengthen the skills and knowledge of our defence students ultimately allowing them to find their next level.


DATE: Week 2 | August 10 to 14, 2020

Our 4-day Battle Camp consists of drills and instruction designed for players to become comfortable with body contact and learn techniques on how to separate player from the the puck.

Camp drills consist of:

  • Proper body contact techniques
  • Body – puck separation
  • 1 on 1 small area battles
  • Proper body positioning in relation to giving and receiving a check

Our goal is that each player weather new to body contact or already have experience, become comfortable in a fun controlled environment.

WEEK 3 - AUGUST 17 to 21, 2020


DATE: Week 3 | August 17 to 21, 2020

Our Complete Player Development Camp will consist of 5 days dedication 1 specific skill set each day. Our aim is to strengthen your player in all aspects of the game by focusing on different areas each time they are out on the ice.

Camp Skills day format:

- Monday: Power skating and acceleration

- Tuesday: Puck skills – stick handling – shooting

- Wednesday: Battling and checking

- Thursday: Power skating and acceleration

- Friday: Puck skills and small area games

By targeting a certain skill individually each day players will have the chance to develop knowledge in all areas, ultimately taking 1 step further to becoming a COMPLETE PLAYER!


DATE: Week 3 | August 17 to 21, 2020

Designed to help develop defencemen, this camp offers students the chance to learn and work on specific skills pertaining to playing the position. Our students will be challenged with a variety of exercises with a big emphasis on skating, edge work and control, transition and mobility with and without the puck.

Our game like structured drills will focus on:

  • Proper body position and positioned play
  • Body contact, angling, small area battles
  • Side to side mobility and transitional play
  • Shooting in stride and finding lanes through traffic
  • Decision making and ice awareness

With the help of a few qualified instructors our goal is to strengthen the skills and knowledge of of defence students by taking them our of their comfort zones and pushing limits in order for them to find their next level.